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Proximity as Compatibility

Amiable Couple. We fall in love with people we are physically or psychologically close to. They inundate us with cognition resources which occupy our mind and time and the more we think of someone the more we have feelings for…

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Arsenal v Liverpool

Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool. The match was characterised with so many mistakes particularly from Arsenal in the first-half.

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Today at the EPL

Silva in his element. West Bromwich Albion 2-3 Chelsea.


The Blame Game.

If an elementary school child looks unkempt his mother is blamed!

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Week 3 of the EPL

English Premier League. Earlier in the week Liverpool managed to beat Bournemouth with just a goal.


The Scary Conversion

Compatibility matters in love. He loved her so much and wanted her to be his life partner but she saw and took him as male friend no more no less. Many say that if you love a lady express your…


Stress From Another Angle.

Relaxation Time. If you’re a habitual nail eater which was an initial coping strategy when stress dials your number but lo and behold your nails are matriculating and graduating without you deliberately trying to stop the habit, alas I see…

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The Perks of Football.

Chelsea: proud winner of 2014-2015 Season of the English Premier League (EPL) Players pocket enviable wages on weekly basis in addition to other benefits associated with the game. Football gives many players the opportunity to learn diverse languages apart from…


On Different Pages.

Contrasting feelings in their minds. There are many times when couples are on different pages in marriage. Ideally, men have higher libido notwithstanding some women’s libido are at par or higher. Even if you’re sexually compatible there are times sex…


Pride and Confidence

They’re saying, “Pride and confidence are spices in intimate relationships.” Alas, he’s unusually big for her but no that’s her taste. She’s glad and proud to have a b-i-g gift. He’s confident to feel big around her.

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