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Audio ‘n’ Video

Simisola Ogunleye. Honey-voiced Afro-pop and soul music act.      When I hear Jamb Question I ‘see’ Simi Ogunleye – yeah orinleye!

Providence/Life Relationships

‘Don’t Just.’

Couples contribute a lot to our world but are they aware of this? Don’t just be a mother, be a mum! Don’t just be a father, be a dad! Don’t just have a house, have a home! Don’t just have…

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Human Nature

Yvonne Okoro is an A-list African (South of the Sahara) actress and skilled at mimicking all sorts of behaviours. Rita Rapu was frowning but actually impressed and happy! Her male lecturer had voiced to his students in a lecture hall,…

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Our Portfolio @ olayemiogunojo.com

olayemiogunojo.com isn’t just a blog or site we’re an online magazine. We create Radio and TV programmes. Documentary and TV shows – reality, talk, game. Innovations for blue-chips, medium and small scale businesses.

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Premier League Updates.

Gunners are ‘real’ title contenders this season. The remaining Week 17 Results: Newcastle 1-1 Aston Villa Watford 3-0 Liverpool Swansea 0-0 West Ham Arsenal 2-1 Man City The league is still very much open though Leicester are rigid, resolute and…


Searching and Researching.

Research is the beginning of innovations. I know I’ve some behaviours that belong to me but I can’t access …. It’s with some people maybe someone but if I can’t see it then I can’t behave it. I’m the round…

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That Awkward Moment (TAM)

TAM at the PTA meeting. The Head Teacher of A-to-Z Elementary School was addressing parents at the PTA on the need to nurture and meet the holistic needs of their children so that they can turn out to become well-rounded…


Productive Week to You All

Motivation is the formula behind sterling performance at work. So stay motivated this week and beyond. Great week to you all.


Christmas Gifts You Desire From Your Spouse.

Olayioye Stephen Question: What physical (concrete) and behavioural gifts would you cherish from your spouse? Steve Olayioye says, “My wife knows I’m biased as far as wristwatches are concerned and I wouldn’t mind her giving me one with a very…


Interesting Couple

The Julius Agwus. This is the picture you access, assess and possess if your better-half is better than you in the Height Department and goes ahead to deep herself in heels. Double-barrel effect. Ibiere no send Julius at all but…

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