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The Clintons

Hilary & Bill Clinton This couple deserves awards! Their marriage is an epitome of love, tolerance and understanding. They stood and are staying by each other come rain or shine and so they weathered many storms together. We’re all humans…


Nigerian Celebrities in Interracial marriages.

Uche Jombo and Kenny Rodriguez Nigerian  A-list actress Uche weds Kenny Rodriguez, an American-based entrepreneur. Movies Weds Communications! olayemiogunojo.com is about relationships and a city that celebrates couples in love. Their peace is our bliss and we wish them long-lasting…


Oluchi and Luca Orlandi

Oluchi and Luca Orlandi Lovely Couple: Supermodel Oluchi and fashion entrepreneur, Luca. Modeling Weds Fashion; Nigeria Weds Italy!


The Pathway to Success and Fulfilment

THE PATHWAY TO SUCCESS AND FULFILMENT Be smart, sensitive, responsive and responsible. If you’re smart enough you’ll know the difference between slaving, labouring and working. Work hard because hard work is good but remember that diligence is hard work in…


“Mr. & Mrs. Omodunjoye” (III)

‘Mr. & Mrs. Omodunjoye.’ If after years of being his wife on campus he decides to marry you probably out of guilt or sympathy or to prove a point because you both won “Campus Couple” throughout your stay on campus….


“Mr. & Mrs Omodunjoye” (II)

    Mr. & Mrs. Omodunjoye Omodunjoye is a Yoruba (ethnic group domiciled basically in Southwestern Nigeria) name but when converted to ‘Omo dun joye’ it literally means children are sweeter (more glorious) than titles. ‘Omo’ is a slang in Yoruba…


Colours make life beautiful; indeed variety is the spice of life!

Different faces, races, minds, colours make life riveting oh refreshing. Thank God for varieties! olayemiogunojo.com                                          ….enriching lives across miles!


Proudly Nigeria

         Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote The richest black man the world over. A prolific entrepreneur who’s basically into commodities. When I see Aliko Dangote I ‘see’ money – procreating like monkey!  


Dissecting the Art and Science of Kissing and Kisses

Kissing Couple I use kissing and kisses as scales for measuring intimacy, affection amongst elite couples “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act…

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