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The Goliath of Birds

Big yet Very Fast Ostrich


The Original Usain Bolt

Big, Strong and Intimidating Usain Bolt of Jamaica He’s regarded as the fastest human ever.


The Usain Bolt of Animals

  The beautiful, graceful cheetah


Yippee, it’s another weekend!

Look ahead, envision the weekend with optimistic eyes! It can only get better! Refreshing weekend to all our numerous readers.


Wisdom VS Knowledge

The hobby of knowledge is talking and talking and talking that of wisdom is listening, listening and listening!


Your Cognition Base

Albert Einstein  The type of cooking oil you have in your kitchen is what you use to prepare your various dishes maybe moin-moin elemi meje or efo riro elemi mefa it could be French fries perhaps fried rice. In the…


Rich women: do they really give men goose pimples?

Rich, successful, influential does it mean magisterial? Being educated, learned and enlightened increase your opportunities in life; similarly industry and creativity improve your socioeconomic status. Therefore visioned and diligent career women could be richer than their spouses. Men think of…


Women and Shopping

Browita Isibor Shopping and women are Siamese twins that Prof. Ben Carson would not have attempted to put asunder –  not even in his wildest imaginations. Yeah, Browita Isibor can’t agree less!

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