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The Mark Zuckerbergs

Priscilla and Mark Friendship isn’t only companionship, partnership as well!


Intelligent Couple

Mark and Priscilla with their pet, Beast who has his own facebook page. Mark and Priscilla were Harvard classmates and dated for close to ten years before they wedded in May 2012.


Mr. & Mrs. Facebook

Priscilla and Mark. Priscilla Chan (a medical doctor) and Mark Zuckerberg, computer programmer, entrepreneur – Founder/CEO of the popular social-networking website, facebook.


Your Bedroom is Your Nest

Bedroom that exudes calm, peace and serenity. Your bedroom is your nest, yeah place for good night’s rest. Do you take absolute care of it?


Safeguard Your Health

Have a sweet experience at the barbershop. Have your personal clipper and protect yourself!


Nigeria’s Entertainment ‘Twin-Brothers’

Dayo D-1 and Keke Ogungbe They are friends closer than family yeah family by bond not blood. They pioneered Nigeria’s popular music culture but some say they revolutionise it; whatever phrase you use to describe them, they’re brains, names and…


Memory Lane

Peugeot 404 How many of you remember this antiquated car? But it does resemble some contemporary cars. Fashion revolves so does technology.


The Yobos

Adaeze and Joseph Yobo. There are black-and-white moments in marriage, please endure to enjoy the colourful, beautiful seasons. The models are: Adaeze Yobo former MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria) and ace footballer Joseph Yobo.


Opportunity isn’t lost, stop searching for it.

# Opportunity is everywhere. Opportunities are like the waters in the sea but we don’t usually see them because they’re either disguised in adversity or hidden inside, beneath or behind our interest or focus per time.


Your Health Matters!

Exercise is good, safe and sweet . Informed health choices: smoking cessation. Weight management. Alcohol stoppage/reduction. Stress reduction. Informed sex choices. Adequate sleep. Nutritious meals and Adequate exercise.

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