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The Rancics

American TV Personalities: Giuliana & Bill Rancic These guys are seriously, seamlessly in love!


The Girl-Child

The Girl-Child, what’s wrong with her? African fathers, it’s now outdated to say female children can’t and won’t propagate your name. Haven’t you heard of Malala Yousafzai? The Pakistani-activist and youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner; Zuriel Oduwole, internationally-acclaimed filmmaker and…


Women are not baby-making machines!

Men who perceive women as baby-making machines and nothing more are unfit for this age and time!


Men are not money-making machines!

In this era, women who basically see men as money-making machines have analogue minds in a digital age.


Proudly Nigeria

Oil & Fashion Mogul, Folorunsho Alakija. One of the three richest black women in our world. The other two are Isabel dos Santos of Oil-Rich Angola and Oprah Winfrey of the US.


The Alakijas

Folorunsho & Modupe Alakija. (Love and intimacy as depicted, I believe should get better with age!) Oil magnate, Fashion Icon and entrepreneur, Folorunsho and hubby Modupe Alakija Folorunsho met her husband about 42 years ago and married for 39 years….


Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter You’re your daughters’ first intimate love! You ‘give’ her the cognition resources she uses to process information about the opposite gender. If you’re wonderful she perceives men as beautiful!


Father and Son

Father and Son You’re your sons’ original mentor and role model. Please remember actions speak louder than words so be a positive role model to them.


The Clintons

Hilary & Bill Clinton This couple deserves awards! Their marriage is an epitome of love, tolerance and understanding. They stood and are staying by each other come rain or shine and so they weathered many storms together. We’re all humans…

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